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Aluminium Equipment/Storage Boxes

Aluminium vehicle boxes & storage cases are a convenient and reliable way to store and protect your equipment and other valuable materials and at Alpine Cases we can help you with that, we manufacture high quality aluminium boxes to ensure the safest, most weather-resistant storage for your equipment and other priceless belongings. We manufacture equipment boxes in any shape and size; we can customise these boxes to suit any client’s needs.

A few benefits of using aluminium

The main reasons for using aluminium is that it practically never runs out of raw materials. In fact, earth’s crust is composed of aluminium in the form of different minerals. It is recyclable, which means it can be melted down for re-use and refurbished for the same purposes over and over again. And better than the other materials, it does not lose its unique properties from recycling, so it’s a guarantee that your aluminium storage will stay solid and will withstand the toughest abuse.

One of the most recognizable properties of aluminium is its amazing strength. It offers high strength and durability even though it is lightweight, which is why it is ideal for building storage cases, protective cases, equipment boxes and weapon cases. It is a very light weight metal that can be applied where steel won’t work. Using aluminium storage boxes in vehicles reduces dead weight and fuel consumption, furthermore, it is also able to increase your vehicle’s load capacity and protect against breakage to any fragile items. This makes it ideal for vans, trucks and other industrial vehicles used to transport a large quantity of small heavy materials on a regular basis. It can be given extra reinforcement for maximum strength, making it ideal for vehicle installation and secure storage.

Aluminium equipment/storage boxes are designed to be watertight, which means that whatever you store inside remain safe from the harsh elements in our environment. You also do not have to worry that the equipment/storage boxes themselves will be damaged, because they are designed to take a beating, and have been tested to withstand a number damaging tests and to withstand harsh temperatures.

Aluminium Equipment/Storage Boxes