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Carry cases manufactured from aluminum are lightweight and can be very durable. Aluminum carry cases come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes including stylist briefcases suited for business and industrial uses.  Aluminum cases naturally withstand chemicals, salts, oils and extreme temperatures.  Options include instrument panels, gaskets for weather proofing and EMI / RFI protection.

Aluminum carry cases provide protection and security during travel, transport or storage. The hard shell case is durable and comes with a lock so that you can secure your valuables. These cases are air and watertight, as well as, crush and dust proof.  There is a variety of colors and foam interiors that can be cut and molded to make sure your valuables don’t slide around inside your case.

Aluminum carry cases are perfect for transporting your valuables. They are made to keep the contents safe and undamaged. Aluminum carry cases can be used to transport and protect film and video cameras, medical, scientific and test equipment, optical instruments, guns, bows and delicate electronic components in a variety of applications.

Alpine Cases has been supplying the local and international markets with the highest quality protective aluminum cases since 1989. We can design and build cases for both once off and production runs in both Rigidized Aluminum and extremely strong and light 8mm hollow core, corrugated hard plastic material. We specialize in making use of the best technology and design for the client’s specific applications and needs.

The Alpine Cases aluminum carry case designs will stand up to the most severe rigors and demands of travel and has been field proven in many military and sporting applications and a wide range of industrial use. For high quality cases go to Alpine Cases and get your desired case today and protect your valuables in the best way you can.

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