Guitar Flight Case

These days, things aren’t very easy when you’re flying with a guitar, as we all know it is quite fragile. The dynamics and the expenses involved of airplane travel have changed so much that keeping your guitar protected, close by, and in one piece has become a lot harder than it should be. And yes, in some situations all you can do is gut up and send your guitar to the bottom of the plane, and brace yourself for the impending heart ache. To help you avoid that situation, we have a few tips to keeping your guitar safe.

Loosen The Strings

Temperature and pressure changes in planes can put a lot strain on your guitar to brake that perfectly angled guitar neck, unless before the flight you loosened the strings. Whether you can fit your guitar in the overhead compartment or have to nervously watch as it disappears out of sight on the luggage conveyor belt, you should religiously loosen your strings before you go on a plane with a guitar. Taut guitar strings have over 136kg’s of tension, you don’t want to destroy your work of art, when you could easily save it.

Protective Case

Getting a protective case for your expensive guitar could possibly be the best investment anybody could make to ensure your guitar is safe and protected from any unforeseen bumps, drops, and the occasional transportation of the guitar. Protective cases have built in form to keep the guitar in one position, without it rolling around and possibly braking or scratching it, with aluminium exterior for light weight, yet high in strength and durability. Alpine Cases supply some of the best protective cases for flights and can be designed to suit any client’s needs.

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Flying with A Guitar