wrapped and covered in a knife-proof case? Will it be mishandled, caught in the conveyer belt’s machinery and torn to shreds somewhere in the back? These questions seem to go into the realm of fantasy for the average traveller who has never gotten to steal a look into the back of baggage handling. So, to set your mind at ease when you travel (and to keep you adequately prepared), here is what really goes on; and it’s not as bad as you would think.

The Chance of Theft

Theft was once a bit of a problem at airports, but as time has gone on, exceptionally stringent measures have been built in them to monitor both passengers and staff. Strict records of shifts are also kept, and employees know that any mishaps will result in undercover investigations and serious consequences. If you were thinking that you won’t travel without a knife-proof bag, consider how difficult it is for you to get a knife into a terminal; airport employees have to adhere to the same rules under the threat of losing their jobs and incurring criminal charges; so while theft is still a possibility, it is very unlikely to happen.

Your Luggage Will Be Manhandled

You’ve probably seen luggage being thrown around when they’re being loaded on to airplanes already, and have wondered if that is really necessary. Yes, it is.

The area of an aeroplane where luggage is loaded can span over 10 meters, and the issue is made worse by luggage blocking the path to the back. So if your luggage needs to get there, it will likely (and practically) be thrown.

How Can you Make Things Better for Yourself?

The first thing you should do is ensure that you don’t over pack your bag. Sure, it closes when you zip it up and it looks like it will stay that way, but when it is being banged around in transit there is always the chance it will burst open. Take care not to use old bags that have loose ends hanging about, since they can get caught in the machinery that runs the conveyer belt, which may result in the bag’s destruction. Lastly, it is best to opt for a hard-case bag since they can take a little punishment.

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