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Alpine Cases have been supplying the local and international markets with the highest quality protective cases since 1989.  They have built up an enviable reputation for great design, high manufacturing standards and fantastic customer service.  They design and build a wide variety of cases for both one off and production runs in both Rigidized Aluminum and extremely strong and light 8mm hollow core, corrugated plastic. Alpine Cases specialize in making use of the best technology and design for their client’s specific applications. Alpine cases have been particularly well received in Germany, France and the USA, despite the high air freight costs that are entailed in shipping products to these international markets. Their custom made flight cases are in use in plenty of countries all around the world.

Alpine protection systems are specifically designed to offer total protection within a plethora of specialized applications. The cases they manufacture protect film and video cameras, medical, scientific and test equipment, optical instruments and delicate electronic components in a great range of applications.

A great deal of these has been specifically designed in consultation with specialists from various different fields and professions. Alpine offers specialized manufacturing of even one off designs to suit your requirements. Flight cases for Audio and TV equipment, 19″rack cases for electronics, general flight cases for safe transportation of a variety of equipment and flight cases for equipment and product demonstrations are all part of Alpine’s range

The Alpine case design will stand up to the most severe rigors and demands of travel and has been proven in many military and sporting applications and a great range of industrial uses.

A few key features of Aluminum Cases:

Aluminum weapon cases offer a number of benefits that make them ideal for a wide range of applications. These advantages ensure that every single aluminum protective case will offer great protection and abundance of additional features that simply cannot be achieved through the use of soft molded cases. When viewed alongside the amazing list of features found on the aluminum protective cases, such as comfortable handles, stainless steel hinges and catches, foam seal in the covering and high quality welding. It makes the protective case range an extraordinary choice for pretty much anyone.

An important key benefit of choosing an aluminum case is that they are incredibly lightweight whilst remaining strong and rigid. Being lightweight makes aluminum protective cases ideal for lowering transportation costs, especially when it comes to flight transportation, where weight is very important. It’s an important consideration to take into account.

Aluminum protective cases are water-resistant, ensuring that moisture cannot disperse through the surface of the protective cases. The welded construction of these aluminum protective cases also mean they are resistant to water vapor and when coupled with the foam seal in the cover, will also protect against rain and being splashed or messed on.

Whilst aluminum protective cases will see their surfaces indented upon extreme impact, the force of these impacts will be completely absorbed by the distortion caused. This evidently offers a good level of protection for any contents within the protective case, ensuring they are protected from such impact. As a result, Alpine Cases are frequently used in industrial workplaces, construction projects, and weapon cases, audio engineers to protect tools, equipment and any other fragile components.

At Alpine Cases our protection systems are especially designed to offer complete protection in thousands of specialized applications. Alpine cases have the right quality to help protect film and video cameras, medical, scientific and test equipment, optical instruments and delicate electronic components in a variety of applications. Visit our website and get the case you need today.

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