Traveling can be a scary task, especially because you know what kind of equipment that you’ll be transporting and you know how easily it could be damaged.  It honestly just leaves you filled with heartache and paranoia. Of course you have extensive insurance to protect your livelihood or investments. But that doesn’t help if you need to use your stuff once you’re at your destination, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Travel Solutions

But you still need to travel and you still need to transport your stuff. The best way to ensure its safety is by placing your delicate equipment in the right kind of protective shell. Sure, you could bubble wrap it of keep it in a fitted polystyrene casing. But where is the professionalism and aesthetic in that? There’s a better solution for your travelling needs. And that’s a metal flight case, which is custom designed to protect your equipment. Having the right travel cases allows for you to be able to transport any heavy equipment easier than without it.


There is a certain professional aesthetic that comes with arriving for a job with custom cases and or modified vehicle storage. Having this level of organisation offers a conscious and unconscious perception of excellence and expertise that comes with arriving for a job prepared and organised. And it offers high levels of value to your brand, your work and your attitude towards the client and task at hand. No one trusts a handy man, a musician or a photographer that has no respect for their tools, or has broken equipment. 

The Process of Modified Travel Cases

There are many different objects that need to be transported long distances and in undesirable condition, however there are many different flight case solutions that are custom to your needs. At Alpine Cases , we create lightweight aluminium custom cases that are created according to what product is being transported, such as lap tops and screens, any musical instrument, lighting, audio gear, medical equipment or weapons. Each case is filled with form fitting foam, and the case or vehicle modification offers a variety of compartments that suit the individual need of the item and client.

Solving a Travelling Problem