Flight Cases

Why you should use protective flight cases

We all know once you’ve spent hard earned money on equipment for live sound events; it’s the typically accepted understanding that it will need protection against bumps and unforeseen drops along the way. You may think that the costs of flight cases are ridiculously high but in fact they are reasonably priced and properly protect your valuable gear against damage. Additionally, investing in a suitable protective case not only offers protection against damage, but has other travelling benefits too, in terms of added flexibility, convenience and easy to carry or roll, not to mention the professional look it gives you and the business you are representing.

Equipment Mounting Cases

Normally known as rack cases or rack mounted cases, these are generally made to accommodate built in gear, which is permanently fixed into the protective case and is stored, transported and operated in the case which basically unfolds. Protective cases of this sort usually have removable front and rear panels, with a centre section that embodies the rack gear itself. A few different types are available depending on what the client needs; you can obtain the traditional aluminium cases with hard plastic edging and heavy duty butterfly latches.

At Alpine Cases we customize our cases to suit our client’s specific needs for any application, We not only provide amazing aluminium cases to protect your expensive gear but we also do aluminium storage boxes for vehicles and that may also vary when it comes to the size of the vehicle and its purpose. For great protective cases and vehicle application, get in touch with the experts – Alpine Cases

Why you should use protective flight cases